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 She is extremely funny and makes me laugh no matter my mood. I love her Cartoons/Toons and even more I love her. She's a modern artist with some abstract twists here and there.  I'm so excited to feature her art on my site and even more proud to call her friend

 From London, England


Did You Ever Think About

put your pillow in the fridge day

biscuit day

paper clip day

Slugs Return to Capistrano Day

Hamburger Day

fish and chip day

dough nut day

donut day

nail varnish day

go bare foot day

oscar the grouch day

Draw in Pencil day

cellophane day

What Today Could Be?

senior health and fitness day

dracula day

paper airplane day

wigout day

chardonay day

blueberry cheesecake day

polka day

lindy hop day

nofry day

mintjulip day

water a flower day

turtle day

taffy day

Sherlock Homes day

notebook day

mother whistler day

i love reeses day

Hammy Knows!

old maid day

pizza party day

endangered species day

Liza Dolittle day

geek pride day

nerd pride day

Brother's Day

national waitstaff day

Hammy Celebrates! by Lindz


Tubule to Sir Roger Moore

Bond, James Bond

watercoloured Hammy


A Special One Just for Me!

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